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Pour - Whip - Serve

Gelato Smart

Turnkey solution to make an artisanal Italian gelato in few minutes. Made of just high-quality ingredients, our complete liquid blend is ready to be whipped and realize a tasty and quality gelato with just few equipment.
Before use, keep Gelato Smart in the refrigerator at 4°C until defrosting for a maximum of 24 hours
Shake and pour the blend in the batch freezer
Whip it for 15 minutes. Depending on the type of batch freezer timings might vary
Serve all the goodness of an authentic Italian gelato

All you need is

1 Congelatore 200x200 32x32 1 Cipro Gest

Storage Freezer

For storage at -18°C

2 Frigorifero 200x200 32x32 1 Cipro Gest


even a domestic one, to bring the blend to the ideal temperature for its use

3 Mantecatore 200x200 32x32 1 Cipro Gest

Batch Freezer

to make gelato in few minutes

gelato smart

Internationally patented, our complete liquid blend is perfectly dosed and allows each gelato maker to serve an artisanal Italian gelato, stable in each point of sale, of excellent quality and success assured.

We only use quality ingredients

Thanks to the natural ingredients, you will make a quality gelato far superior to the industrial ones.

Gelato Smart is available in format: 1LT

Brevetto 2 100x100 1 Cipro Gest

Internationally patented

N° patended: 102010901846576


With Gelato Smart you don't need to balance, homogenize and pasteurize

Gelato Smart is a complete liquid blend of excellent quality, where the organoleptic characteristics of raw materials are maintained and preserved.

It is the perfect solution for businesses and gelato makers who don’t have a big laboratory at their disposal and want to serve a quality product.

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Gelato smart is available in the following flavours:

Almond - Berries - Black Cherry - Chocolate - Coffee - Sicilian Cream - Dark Chocolate - Hazelnut - Lemon - Mango - Melon - Mulberries -Orange Nova - Nutella - Orange - Pineapple - Pistachio - Pomegranate - Prickly Pears - Strawberry - Vanilla - Yogurt