Cipro Gest is an Italian company specialized in processing the best selection of Sicilian citrus, to obtain the best quality Juices and Essential oils.
Previously owned by Parmalat, specialized in producing Santal citrus juices, the company has maintained through the following years citrus processing as core business activity, adding pomegranate and prickly pears to its portfolio.
The plant is located in Termini Imerese (PA), 60 km east from Palermo, very close to the cross between highways connecting Palermo to Catania and Messina.
Today the company offers best quality juices and essential oils, to better satisfy clients’ needs.

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Sicilian, synonymous with uniqueness.

The land giving birth to the best citrus in the world.

Sicilian citrus and fruits are synonymous of premium quality, authenticity excellence and, above all, unique taste. The perfect balance among the properties of land, the mild climate with the great combination of sun, rain and sea, the position of the island and an accurate plantation respecting the fruits ripen time makes Sicilian citrus and fruits special and unique.

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Cipro Gest is certified to produce and commercialising juices and essential oils, to ensure high quality products, from raw materials to final products.
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Kosher Citrus

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Kosher Pomegranate and Prickly Pear

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ISO 9001:2015

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UNI EN ISO 14001 :2015

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ISO 45001:2018


Ensuring products quality is key in our work: starting from a careful selection of raw materials, to the specialised machines, products processing and delivering.

A high specialised staff in our laboratory performs ongoing analysis on all products, following strict procedures, during the whole production process:

- Inspection on incoming fruits

- Analysis on essential oils

- Analysis on juices

Ensuring high level, reliable and accurate results.