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All the goodness of Sicilian Granita in an explosion of freshness

Sicilian Granita, known and appreciated all over the world, is made with ice water and fruit that, properly creamed, make it creamy and refreshing at the same time. Its origins date back to the Arab domination in Sicily: they used to drink an iced beverage with fruit juices or roses water, and the Sicilians enjoyed it to cool off during the hot summer.

To enjoy with a spoon or with the typical Sicilian brioche, for a refreshing break or for breakfast, Sicilian Granita will boost the day with sweetness and freshness. Our granita are handmade products. Following the ancient Sicilian tradition, we don’t use dyes but only premium quality fruits and water.

We meet the needs of bars, restaurants, hotels and food companies that want to offer a quality artisanal Sicilian Granita to their clients, but they have no space to settle their own laboratory.

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Sold in trays

brick Cipro Gest

Sold in “Smart” version, perfect for the granita maker


Refrigerate the brik at 4ºC for about 10 hours before use. Shake and pour the mixture into the granita maker
Whip it for 15 minutes. Depending on the type of granita maker timings might vary
Serve all the goodness of homemade Sicilian granita.

Sicilian Granita are available in the following flavours:


For special packaging requests or for further information about our Sicilian Granita, please contact us.
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